Welcome to my portfolio website! Here you can find my latest music creations and projects.

I am a musician, songwriter, recording artist, beginner composer and beginner producer. I also create soundtracks for Alfabusa AB since the first chapter of his latest series 'Hunter: The Parenting', 'Half-Life: Zero Viscosity' and 'Norfolk Wizard Game'.

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What I do


There are many ways to go about writing a song, and there are many types of songs. I write everything I feel like, from personal songs about love, happiness and sadness, from jazz, blues and rockers to indie, singer songwriter and scoring scenes in series, movies and video games. All of them come from different places within the realm of music and requires different approaches. Writing music is just an amazing, endless journey

Recording Artist

So far my music is only on YouTube and Soundcloud, but I will eventually start expanding to other platforms such as BandCamp, Spotify and Apple Music. The music I create varies in genre and influence.

Mixing Engineer

I am a beginner mixing engineer and mix my own music. I have only just recently begun mixing music so there is still so much to learn.

Music Production

I am a beginner music producer and have produced my own music. Logic Pro X is the DAW of choice for my productions.

I am passionate about music and love to create new sounds and melodies. I love beautiful harmonies and to just explore the sounds of chords. I also have a love for odd time signatures.


I am a beginner composer and have composed music for Alfabusa's series 'Hunter: the Parenting', 'Half-Life: Zero Viscosity' and 'Norfolk Wizard Game. I use different instruments and plugins to create my compositions.

Music Creator

About Mackeerre

Mackeerre is a musician, songwriter, recording artist, beginner composer, beginner music producer, beginner mixing engineer and a music creator in general. His real name is Per Marcus Eklöf and he is based in his hometown; Gävle, Sweden.

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Feel free to contact me if you like what I do and would like to have me create music for your project, or for collaborations, inquiries or just to say hi!