Get to know me

History and Services

My life as musician began when I got my first guitar as a 14-year old boy. Ever since then I've been all about music and also did two years as a student of music. During that time I jammed with other musicians, I got involved in bands and played live. I learned to read and write sheet music, music theory, different genres and styles, and much more. Though my main instrument is guitar, I began developing my singing voice and also started playing some piano.

The year 2021 Alfabusa contacted me and asked me to work for his company and to create music for their latest and future projects. Since then, I now know that what I want to do is to create music in any shape and form.

Instruments, equipment and software

I have three guitars, a ukulele, a recorder, a plastic trumpet (because why not), some percussive instruments and a keyboard.

As for my equipment I use a MacBook Pro (2019) 13-inch, 8 GB RAM. My microphone is a... Speakers are Yamaha.

Software is Logic Pro. When it comes to plugins I've mostly been using Logics own free plugins, but have later discovered other free plugins and I've also even got a few bought plugins from Spitfire Audio.

Yamaha FG720S DSR

My most trusted steed. This fella has been with me for over ten years. This is my go-to composing instrument since I am mainly a guitarist.

M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3

Nothing fancy, but this is the keyboard I use. I am not a keyboard-player but I'm slowly self-learning. This is also starting to become my main composing instrument.

Ibanez AFC95-VLM

This beauty is my hollow body electric guitar. This guitar is mainly intended for jazz, so I've put really thick strings on it, but I use it for every genre I fancy.


A cute little ukulele, because why not?

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you like what I do and would like to have me create music for your project, or for collaborations, inquiries or just to say hi!